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Trina Marie is a published west coast photographer, born and raised in Los Angeles who has a deep-southern gentle heart with a contagious personality. Trina Marie went to school for business, human resources, and human services focusing on diversity. Trina Marie is extremely big on education and spent many years in training and developing others. With this experience and skill, she naturally and willingly teaches others how to feel comfortable within their own body; as well as techniques that will assist models and their development.

Trina Marie has a heart for people and culture. As she continued to work in the customer service and management industry, she felt that life was beginning to become repetitive. Trina Marie loves change and being free and trying something different. She remembered her hidden love for beauty, fashion, and the arts. Thus, she took one photography class with the goal of picking up a new hobby, but she simply fell in love! Photography is more than just a job to her; it’s an art and a way to express how one views the world, a subject, or people.

Because of her love for culture and her ability to communicate well with others from all over the world, Trina Marie is able to get people to relax and pull from within, which is a great skill to possess for beauty, fashion, lifestyle and editorial stories, as well as advertising.
Lastly, Trina Marie’s beliefs and motto in life is that, “Life is too short. You have a choice, so choose to be happy. Then make it a fabulous one because you only live once!”
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[quoteicon author=”Trina Marie”]You have a choice, so choose to be happy. Then make it a fabulous one! You only live once.[/quoteicon]


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buy chiffon ball dresses NZ